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At SME SUPPORT CENTRE we do crowd funding for your business...

We have over 2,000 potential investors ready to invest in your start-up!

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SME Support Centre is one-stop shop for early stage-medium growth startups, small- growing enterprises, and mature-low growth enterprises operating in all sectors of the economy. The objective of the support centre is to scale up the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kenya by making SME and start-up support more accessible, more available, more affordable and more reliable.

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Linda Onyango
Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

About CEO

Linda is a specialist in SME Business Advisory, a champion for entrepreneurship and SDG Goals. She is a seasoned business advisor with over 10 years work experience in business advisory having worked across many sectors . She has worked at the management level for blue chip companies such as KPMG and PWC. She was recently appointed as a Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) talent an opportunity she seeks to use to influence the achievement of the SDG goals even at the county level in Kenya. Lean more