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SME Support Centre is one-stop shop for early stage-medium growth startups, small- growing enterprises, and mature-low growth enterprises (“the missing middle”) operating in all sectors of the economy. The objective of the support centre is to scale up the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kenya by making SME and start-up support more accessible, more available, more affordable and more reliable. The centre aims at providing high quality non-financial support at a low and affordable price. The support centre addresses the gap between the current incubation capacities for versus the demand from potential medium- high growth SMEs, the shortage of non-ICT ecosystem incubation and accelerator players that operate at scale and the support gap for SMEs between business plan and revenue stage. The centre will exist to overcome the fragmentation in the current entrepreneurial ecosystem. The centre also aims to unlock a larger pool of angel investments and mezzanine finance from local high net worth individuals and Kenyan diaspora. For all high-medium growth startups, angel investments will be unlocked through a locally owned debt/equity crowdfunding platform specifically dedicated to the entrepreneurs’ that have been vetted through the centre. For the small-growing business and mature low growth enterprises, long-term growth capital will be unlocked through a subcontracted locally owned Mezzanine finance facility.